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One of the biggest challenges when building out our Sprinter van was to make sure it could serve multiple functions for all the different activities we’d use it for. This meant it had to be very versatile and transform from 4 different modes: dinette mode, lower bed mode, open hauling mode, and platform bed mode. In this post, I’ll explain each mode and a few of the additional features that make this van so functional for our lifestyle. Many times we use this van to travel and explore with no toys whatsoever, but the other half of the time we’re loading dirtbikes, mountain bikes, or even kayaks and a SUP. I see many really cool van builds that have a very “homey” feel with spice racks, wardrobe closets, and bathrooms, but every time I see these builds I wonder where the heck they haul their toys or hang out. Our van had to serve many purposes so I take pride in the fact that it is very unique and I designed and built it 100% myself to suit our needs.


Dinette Mode

In dinette mode, we have a Lagun table mount at the back to allow for open space while having a rear table setup.

Build Link: Dinette and Bed Build


We also have a front table mount so we can sit and eat a little closer to the middle of the van which is nice because that is where the windows are.


This setup proved to be extra useful when cooking larger meals where we needed more counter space. The table swivels and extends the kitchen workspace if needed.


Lower Bed Mode

The dinette easily converts to a lower bed. All of the cushions fit nice and tight from wall to wall to form a comfortable mattress.

Build Link: Dinette and Bed Build


We throw down a couple of blankets and walla- full-size queen to king-ish sized bed!



We use a Fire 10 tablet and a RAM mount attached to the L track for a TV.


Open Cargo Mode

This brings me to the next mode of the van: open cargo or hauling mode. Everything folds up and out of the way to load motorcycles, lumber, kayaks…you name it.

Build Link: Dinette and Bed Build


Moto Van Mode- Hauling a Dirtbike

When I only bring one motorcycle on a trip, it loads super easy in the back and still allows plenty of room to access the fridge and load additional stuff like chairs and riding gear. I can even use the side bench/ couch as a bed and sleep with the bike inside the van if I have to. There are never any gas fuses because my bike is fuel injected, but I always open the windows and vent fan as well as use a CO2 detector.

Build Link: Dinette and Bed Build


Moto Van Mode- Hauling 2 Dirtbikes

When the time comes to haul two dirtbikes, this van can do that too! I just slightly stagger them putting one right behind the passenger seat and the other one just to the side and behind it. I utilize the multiple L tracks in the floor to strap down the handlebars and then run one strap from the footpeg back to the L track in the floor to triangulate the anchors. This way I don’t need to carry any motorcycle wheel chocks or mounting systems that people always seem to recommend to me. Less is more!

Build Link: Dinette and Bed Build


Even with two bikes loaded up, there is still plenty of room for gear and I can still open and access the refrigerator.



Platform Bed Mode: Traveling with Our Mountain Bikes

When we want to travel for extended periods of time (usually a week or more), we find that we like to have a platform bed. This doubles the size of the van and gives us a garage below. This way we can sleep with our mountain bikes and gear inside the van at night without having to rearrange things or unload.

Build Link: Sprinter Van DIY 3 Panel Platform Bed on L Track


The nice thing about our platform bed is that it is modular. It is removable and stores nice and neat up on the wall when not in use. There are 3 panels and 4 Ikea Skorva beams that mount over some all-thread which quick-mount to the L track on the wall using thumbs crews. .



As for our kitchen, we have a very simple galley that has a sink with running water (hot and cold). It drains to a portable 5-gallon grey tank located in the lower cabinet. The refrigerator is a 12-volt Truckfridge TF130. For cooking, we like to keep things simple. We use a collapsible electric kettle to heat water for coffee in conjunction with a simple and collapsible pour-over filter. The kettle also works great for instant meals like cup noodles and Mountain House style meals.

Build Link: Sprinter Van Kitchen Galley: Our DIY Build

We use a portable butane Gas-One stove with a pan or portable stove-top griddle for cooking. Occasionally we’ll bring our Blackstone and cook outside, but the little griddle on the stove has worked great for us!



Even our shower is portable. People look at our van and have no idea how we take hot showers inside. In this post, I talk in detail about how I built it. It’s pretty simple though and with just a few things to set up and takedown, it allows us to shower inside where it’s warm and private. We wouldn’t change a thing about it. Having a portable shower allows us to have more space in the van.

Build Link: Sprinter Van Indoor Shower 2.0- Portable and Easy


Outdoor Shower/ Hot Foot Soak/ Bike Wash Station

Even though our shower is inside, it’s still nice to have the option of taking a shower outside like a hippie. When you don’t have neighbors and the weather’s nice, I totally get it! It’s really nice. We mostly use the outdoor/ rear shower for hosing off bikes, taking a hot foot soak, or just spraying our heads off and cooling down after a hike or ride.

Build Links: Sprinter Campervan Water System InstallFresh Water Tank Level Sensor and Gauge Install



Everything in our van has multiple uses including our toilet. It is also an ottoman and an extra place to sit. It’s modular and can be removed or slid underneath the couch if it’s in the way. It usually stays put right here though and isn’t a problem.

Build Link: The Van Can: A Sprinter Van Toilet and Ottoman in One


Full Van Tour Video

I put together a walkthrough video tour of our van on my YouTube channel. Please feel free to ask any questions you might have or comment and tell me that you think our van sucks or you love our ideas. Either way, I always love hearing from you guys.

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Do more with less! That is my motto lately. I love getting outdoors and exploring new places, usually on my KTM motorcycle. My wife, Anna, and I recently bought and built out a Sprinter van to do more of the things we love. Traveling and seeing new places is always at the top of our to-do list.

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  1. Chris

    Man you have put a lot of time in this Blog. Very much appreciated. I had question about picture 12 with the motorcycle in the van. If I installed a second L trac to the wall for the panel bed system, do you think there would be enough room for gear and a place to sleep in case of a late night with a motorcycle in the van? I figured I would make the three panels smaller to fit up above your set up, then once at the riding location, drop the bed down to a lower level and add a small 4th panel to make it a wall to wall tight fit. You are one of the very few I have seen and I wanted to get your thoughts….. Thanks for that..


  2. Pete

    Thanks, Chris. If you made a platform bed to go above the bike, it would definitely be tight up there. It’s doable but not super ideal and there wouldn’t be much space. You also have to think about the hassle to set it up. While our platform bed sets up in just about 5 minutes or so, it’s a bit of a pain to do while on a trip and when all our stuff is in the van. It would be difficult to load the bike even with the taller position platform bed installed like you’re talking about. Adjusting it quickly and easily would be tricky to engineer. I don’t know how you’d do it unless you broke it all down piece by piece and lowered each beam once at a time. That would be super time-consuming. Anything is possible though! I hope that answers your question. If not, let me know! Good luck on your build.

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