No More Cold Hands: Kemimoto Heated Gloves Review

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With old man winter upon us, it’s time to test out some new heated gear by Kemimoto! The other day I woke up to a dusting of snow on our Sprinter van which is extremely rare for the desert we live in. So needless to say, my drives to work have been pretty chilly and any other activity sounds downright miserable if you ask me. But with the proper heated gear, outdoor adventures sound much more enjoyable, therefore I am excited to review these Kemimoto Heated Gloves and add them to my cold weather adventure gear!

Fit & Features

  • Waterproof
  • touchscreen-friendly fingertip
  • over the wrist coverage with adjustable velcro straps
  • 3 heat settings

One key feature of these gloves is the fact that they are specifically designed for cold weather. They fit over the cuff and cinch up with a velcro strap and elastic cuff strap keeping out any cold air. They are well insulated and have padded inserts making them nice, warm gloves to begin with, but then you add the fact that they have heaters in them and these gloves can stand up to some rather brutal conditions!

What’s in the Box?

  • Waterproof, battery-powered gloves
  • storage bag
  • 2 rechargeable 2500MAH Li-Lion batteries
  • Wall charger

Each glove features a small zippered pouch that holds one 2500-mmAh battery. The wall charger has a split cable that charges both batteries at the same time. On top of the wrist area of the glove is the power and mode button which allows you to change the heat settings from low, medium, or high. The button changes to red, blue, or green depending on the temperature.



Performance Test

The gloves fit well and are very comfortable. I wear an XL and the sizing was correct for me. They do an excellent job of keeping my hands warm when the conditions are downright frigid. I have worn them on my early morning drives to work and around the fire on a recent camping trip. My wife has circulation issues in a couple of her fingers and these gloves helped keep the blood flowing. The heaters throughout the gloves do a good job of keeping your hands warm, but not so hot that your hands get sweaty. I like to turn them on before leaving the house to “preheat” them. Slipping them on when nice and warm reminds me of the same feeling I get when putting on a pair of pants or a shirt right out of the dryer. The 3 settings allow for several hours of use. Even on high the batteries last for 2-3 hours. Use the low or medium setting and I can get 7 hours or more. I like that the single-plug wall charger has a split cable that allows the charging of both batteries.

I can see these gloves being very useful when driving my sandcar on some of the colder mornings, however, I don’t think I would wear them when riding the dirtbike or when I need a little more feeling and control at the fingertips. The touchscreen fingertip unlocks my phone but is a bit too bulky for typing anything on the keyboard. I probably wouldn’t be using my phone in such conditions anyway. When pairing these gloves with my heated Kemimoto jacket, I have a nice kit of heated gear that keeps me warm and happy!

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