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Glamis- Superbowl Weekend 2016

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We decided it was time to take a break from Dumont and hit up the big sandbox down south again, Glamis! It’s been 4 years since we’ve made a trip there and my buddy, Chad, had never even been there so it was time.

The weather was epic. It was a nice 70+ degrees every day and sunny. We camped in Wash 3. We duned 100+ miles and went all over the place.

IMG_1274 (Large) IMG_1624 (Large) IMG_1620 (Large) IMG_1618 (Large) IMG_1615 (Large) IMG_1605 (Large) IMG_1601 (Large) IMG_1587 (Large) IMG_1585 (Large) IMG_1565 (Large) IMG_1554 (Large) IMG_1548 (Large) IMG_1514 (Large) IMG_1499 (Large) IMG_1489 (Large) IMG_1486 (Large) IMG_1484 (Large) IMG_1480 (Large) IMG_1478 (Large) IMG_1476 (Large) IMG_1447 (Large) IMG_1423 (Large) IMG_1405 (Large) IMG_1396 (Large) IMG_1309 (Large) IMG_1297 (Large) IMG_1291 (Large) IMG_1287 (Large) IMG_1286 (Large)IMG_1633 (Large)IMG_1639 (Large) P1080199 (Large) P1080197 (Large) IMG_1709 (Large) IMG_1695 (Large) IMG_1694 (Large) IMG_1691 (Large) IMG_1690 (Large) IMG_1678 (Large) IMG_1674 (Large) IMG_1664 (Large) IMG_1654 (Large) IMG_1651 (Large) P1080254 (Large)IMG_1648 (Large)



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