Dumont Dunes, January 2016

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I rolled into Dumont early Friday morning. The road was in great shape.gallery_3_160_126946.jpg


I always get super pumped when I see this pulling in.gallery_3_160_263103.jpg


The place was pretty empty as expected. Lou B, Randog & Ed were already there. Ben rolled in right behind me.gallery_3_160_417432.jpg


I did a little ATC maintenance.gallery_3_160_458058.jpg


The 5 of us plus Lindsay B on her quad went out for a morning cruise. The weather was gorgeous.gallery_3_160_24927.jpg


There were some fighter jets flying way up high through the sky. There were various contrails and even some loud booms either from the sonic booms or maybe some testing out west.gallery_3_160_157912.jpg


When we got back to camp Robt & Rick had showed up. Later in the day we got ready for a dune run but thanks to Randog’s keen eye he clued him in on a little issue before we went out.gallery_3_160_357642.jpg


Rick swapped the tires to the correct direction.


Lou B took the ATC for a rip.gallery_3_160_318096.jpg


We headed out and stopped on the sunset lookout on the way back and hung out for a bit.gallery_3_160_6436.jpg





Love empty weekends.gallery_3_160_208747.jpg


Once we got back to camp, we all made some dinner while Sophie ate some firewood.gallery_3_160_80350.jpg

Time to make the buggies glow!gallery_3_160_181538.jpg

Saturday morning…time for some breakfastgallery_3_160_168610.jpg

My car was running great but everyone was still concerned or something. They were swarmed around it like a pit crew! ???gallery_3_160_200310.jpg

Duning on Saturdaygallery_3_160_17395.jpg

Lou got a little surprise on a razorback. Luckily he landed it without any issue. I couldn’t believe my eyes.gallery_3_160_133734.jpg


ATC fun with Randoggallery_3_160_299822.jpg


Came up on my buddy, Howard, out in the dunes.It was almost a close call.gallery_3_160_165401.jpg

Photobombed by my shadow.gallery_3_160_158009.jpg

Randog pulled sick wheelie and got me pumped up and laughing about it.gallery_3_160_43666.jpg

Big group of side x sides passing by.gallery_3_160_147066.jpg

Ben busted out his scales and we weighed the buggies.

Randog, 1675 lbs


Chad, 2450 lbs


Ed, 1950gallery_3_160_274380.jpg

Rob, about 3K!gallery_3_160_222491.jpg

This was the most shocking. 4 seat RZR, 1977 lbs! WOW that’s awful. lolgallery_3_160_197799.jpg

I spotted a huge group of people hiking up the dunes. ?gallery_3_160_244682.jpg

More duning pics…gallery_3_160_13526.jpg

Duning behind Randog. The sun was at a great angle.gallery_3_160_21945.jpg

 Cody tearing it up on his CR250gallery_3_160_58108.jpg
Hanging at the north pole.gallery_3_160_381191.jpg


Duning on the way back.gallery_3_160_70499.jpg

The moon was full and bright!gallery_3_160_19973.jpg

The sky was awesome. So out came the tripod and camera.gallery_3_160_48768.jpg




We watched Supercross on the big screen projected on Chad’s trailer. Supercoross at the dunes is the best.gallery_3_160_255291.jpg

At 2 AM the moon was straight up above us. There were no clouds left in the sky. We could see the dunes almost as clear as day. It was so bright we were tempted to go duning!gallery_3_160_135584.jpg



Chad spotted a log that looked like…big wood & balls. hahagallery_3_160_46546.jpg

Chillen after Supercoss listening to tunes.gallery_3_160_134103.jpg

I tried the old steel wool long exposure trick but the steel wool didn’t want to burn. Better luck next time.gallery_3_160_226013.jpg

Sunday was chill. Lou & Ben got another run in around 8 AM while the rest of us slept in. Later in the day we got some more duning in. It was so gorgeous out. There wasn’t a cloud in the sky and it was a really nice temperature.gallery_3_160_107653.jpg


Towards the end of the day we cruised up to memorial hill and visited our friend, Bert’s, memorial. I made sure there was still a Pepsi up there and dropped off a cookie.gallery_3_160_84848.jpg



I had my GPS running all weekend and although I knew we got a ton of duning in, I was shocked to see we duned almost 100 miles. 98.4 miles to be exact. We layed down some tracks that weekend!gallery_3_160_10054.jpg




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