Dirtbiking Kennedy Meadows: June 2022 Ride Report

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Every summer when the Vegas heat starts cranking up, we head up to the Sierras to ride the cool mountain trails of Kennedy Meadows. It has become one of my favorite places to ride. With miles and miles of flowy singletrack, you can easily spend a few days here and hit something new every day. Since I started going in 2019, I’ve gotten to know the place pretty well. So since we had 2 full days to ride, I put together a long loop for each day. My plan was to ride flow on Friday and diamonds on Saturday. For those of you that need a little explanation of what that means, it’s intermediate/ blue trails on Friday and more technical black diamond advanced trails on Saturday. This way we could warm up with some easier trails and then ease into the techy stuff towards the end.


Kennedy Meadows OHV/ Dirtbike Trail Map

Map Tip: right-click link and open in a new tab for a full-sized map


We got set up in Fish Creek Overflow, which has worked out great for us since some of our buddies have large rigs.


Day 1: Flow Friday

Friday we woke up to some gorgeous weather in camp.


We waited for a couple of others to arrive. This was our camp marker. Al’s girlfriend made it for us and it turned out great until someone stole it! WTF?


We all got geared up and set off down Jackass Trail.



Day 1 Trail Conditions

The trails were in great shape. There was hardly any water in some of the usual little water crossings but there was some moisture in some areas. There was only one trail north of the camping area that had fallen trees (Blackrock Trail). The sky was overcast and the temps were perfect all day, in the low 60’s.


Day 1 Video


Day 1 GPS tracks available on Thatch


Day 2: Diamonds on Saturday

Friday night was freezing! We woke up to some very cold weather. When our day started it was nice, about 60 degrees. We hit Mahogany Creek Trail and then Rattlesnake. Mohogany had a big ole-downed tree obstacle on it which was a little tricky since it was angled on the trail.



Water was flowing pretty well farther up Rattlesnake Creek and we only saw a couple of other groups throughout the whole day. After Rattlesnake, we headed up Beach Trail to Bonita Meadows where some blue trails turned black! See the video below. The temperatures were a bit colder up in that area because the elevation is around 9000 feet up there. It was a cold ride back to camp after that ride and the fire felt great!


Day 2 Videos




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