Nelson Singletrack Trails: Ride Until the Sun Sets

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Monday night Steve and I took advantage of some very unseasonably cool temperatures for Vegas in June and headed out to Nelson for an after-work rip through the hills. We hit singletrack pretty much the entire ride. There were some big hill climbs and tons of fun gnarly stuff. The weather was insanely nice. I knew the temperatures would be hitting 115° within a week so I’m really glad Steve decided to go for it.

I only took a handful of photos but I managed to grab some great video of the entire ride thanks to my GoPro and my latest chin mount setup (see photo below). With it set to medium angle at 1080/ 60fps, I think it captures the best POV and depth of field compared to the wide angle.





KTM 500 EXC-F Update

Holy crap! I love this bike more and more each time I get on it. I am getting more confident with what the 500 can do. After riding my heavy 690 for so many years at Nelson, I have been timid thinking this bike will clank out or not be able to handle certain maneuvers. That is not the case at all. The 500 laughs at everything I throw at it. I’m getting faster and smoother at powering through turns, going up nasty hills and handling rough terrain in general. I like to think that riding a heavy bike for so long has made me a better rider. Now that I am getting used to the super lightweight 500 EXC-F, I plan on fine tuning skills and learning some new hard-enduro techniques!



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