Idaho Backcountry Adventure Ride

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Monday, Day 5 – Mountain Home, ID to Henderson, NV

We had a quick breakfast at Wingers next door. Brian displays some rare Smuckers jelly.

Such a sad sight, bikes on a trailer and heading home. Our adventure was over.

Idaho Backcountry Discovery Route

We passed our Bliss rest area on the way back.

Idaho Backcountry Discovery Route

Perrine Bridge

We stopped in Twin Falls to check out the Perrine Bridge and Shoshone Falls.

Idaho Backcountry Discovery Route
Idaho Backcountry Discovery Route

Idaho Backcountry Discovery Route

Shoshone Falls

The falls were impressive. Standing at 212 feet tall, they are 45 feet taller than Niagara Falls!

Idaho Backcountry Discovery Route

Idaho Backcountry Discovery Route

Idaho Backcountry Discovery Route

Idaho Backcountry Discovery Route

Shoshone Falls Video
Steve’s IDBDR wrap-up video


635 miles later, we were back home in Vegas. 116°…yuck!!!

Idaho Backcountry Discovery Route

Interactive Tracks Map & GPX Download of Entire Trip

Download this track

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This will save the GPX file rather than a text file.

Download the complete trip GPX file with several waypoints and POIs

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The End

Thanks for reading and following along. Please leave me any comments or questions that you might have. I’ll eventually have my gear list posted and talk more about motocamping tips in a separate blog post soon so stay tuned. Give me a follow on Instagram if you haven’t yet and I hope my post informed and/or inspired you to go out and embark on an adventure of your own.




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  1. Deven
    | Reply

    I want a GPS lesson.. Lol one thing I’ve never been good at. What GPS were you using?

    Been looking to build an XR to do some adventure riding. Where is next years trip?

    • Pete
      | Reply

      I was using a Garmin 62S. It’s very rugged and easy to follow a track. The most time consuming part is putting together a track from scratch. It’s not hard to do, but it takes a little time especially if you’re planning on going somewhere you have never been to. I’m actually going to be putting together an informative guide on how to build a GPS track and plan a trip like this using Google Earth, Google Maps, Garmin Basecamp, and other easy to use software.

      Next trip…good question! It’s been on my mind as soon as we were driving home. I’ve already been thinking alot about that. I’d love to get up into Oregon and Washington, but I feel there are more parts of Colorado that I want to explore first. Sign up for the newsletter on the homepage and you’ll be notified when I post up new stuff.

  2. Hail Dentboy
    | Reply

    Wow what a great write up… Looks like an amazing trip. Makes me want to get a bike..Absolutely beautiful scenery. Awesome job documenting everything.

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